In 2011 we were very privileged to have the opportunity to recognize the efforts of local and preeminent outdoors-man, Mr. Ray Scott. Mr. Scott is best known for founding the world’s largest sport fishing organization – the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society (B.A.S.S.), but there is much more than that to his story.

It all started in 1967 when Scott walked away from a successful career to host the first national pro bass fishing tournament on Beaver Lake, Arkansas. Six months later he created B.A.S.S., an organization that has changed the face of bass fishing forever. Mr. Scott immediately began what has become a lifetime commitment to promoting clean water issues and was very instrumental in the passage of the Sport Fish Restoration Act, also known as the Wallop-Breaux Fund, which provides millions of dollars every year to state fisheries nationwide. He also initiated one of the most effective grassroots conservation efforts ever – the acceptance and practice of catch-and-release.

Over the years, Mr. Scott has received many accolades for his dedication to conservation, the environment and boating safety. He has received the coveted Horatio Alger award for his business success and contributions back to his community and the outdoors industry. He was named as one of the 20 most influential outdoor Americans of the 20th century by Field & Stream magazine. He is esteemed highly among his peers, along the lines of other famous outdoors heroes Teddy Roosevelt, Rachel Carson and Aldo Leopold.

In 1988 Scott founded another successful outdoor enterprise – the Whitetail Institute of North America, an organization dedicated to maintaining quality deer, and deer hunting through proper nutrition and management.

We are genuinely excited to honor Mr. Ray Scott this year and let his friends 'Roast' him for this special event. We are looking forward to a very special and successful evening, and we truly wish to see you there!